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Cost control measures of aluminum material in aluminum alloy curtain wall project

       The aluminum alloy curtain wall is used as the outer protective structure of the building. Because of its dual functions of decoration and structure, its material is relatively expensive compared to the concrete structure. As the curtain wall industry market continues to mature, the unit price of curtain walls is getting lower and lower. How to do a good job of cost control and strive to win the maximum profit at a low price is the current topic of concern for various curtain wall companies. The curtain wall composed of various forms (aluminum sheet curtain wall, glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall) is often inseparable from the glass curtain wall. In the unit price of the glass curtain wall, the material cost of ordinary plates (such as 6mm tempered coated glass or 6T + 9A + 6 coated insulating glass) accounts for about 20% to 30% of the unit price, while aluminum (silver and white material) also accounts for the unit price. 20% ~ 33%, how to reduce the cost of expensive aluminum materials has become an important part of reducing the cost of curtain walls.

Material plan

       When the design reaches the most economical and reasonable, the key work is to make a scientific and accurate procurement plan and nest production.

Due to the diversity of the facade, the length of the main keel and the horizontal keel are also diverse. Due to its high linear density, the length of the main keel is generally cut to the required length when planning. When the horizontal keel or other glass frame, window frame material and other materials are unloaded, the standard grid length short material should be several short materials to make a long material to facilitate production and processing, and each short material should be added with 4 ~ 10mm. Cutting loss, aluminum with partial cutting angle is sometimes affected by less advanced processing equipment, and each short material needs to have a cutting loss ranging from 20 to 30mm. At present, in the aluminum material factory, there are binding marks left by the aluminum wire for hanging aluminum at both ends. The black marks that cannot be removed are generally 3 to 5 mm away from the end. Add 7 ~ 10mm cutting surplus material, if the required horizontal keel: 1100 × 200 pieces, the long material to be ordered should be (1100 + 8) × 5 + 80 = 5620mm, a total of 40 pieces. The length of aluminum long material is limited by the manufacturer's oxidation pond and other conditions. Generally, the length should be controlled within 6.3m. Individual manufacturers can achieve 6.7m, but too long materials are not easy to transport.

       If it is a stretch bending profile, it is generally not possible to order a length exceeding 6m, because of the processing range of the stretch bending machine itself, some stretch bending machines (even imported machines) can only pull to 4.6m, while Foshan Lidor The longest bending length of the factory is drawn to m. At the same time, 150 ~ 200mm of allowance should be left at the two ends of each long material as the clamping position of the fixture (because the deformation of the clamping position after bending can not be used).

       If the aluminum material needs to be sprayed, the material should be marked on the purchase plan as a light body to avoid silver oxidation with other materials on the list. After the silver surface of the aluminum material is oxidized, unless the oxide film is washed away again, the coating sprayed on the silver material will not be able to guarantee the quality of the spray because the adhesion to the aluminum surface is low. For sprayed profiles, a margin of 10 ~ 20mm is added to each end of the required length as a spare location for drilling. The maximum length of spray paint also varies depending on the equipment of the spraying manufacturer. The longest spraying length of some manufacturers is only 4m, and some can spray up to 6m. Therefore, these conditions should be considered in advance in the material planning to ensure the next material. Accurate processing.

       Considering the production schedule of the aluminum plant and the material transportation of the curtain wall company, the aluminum plan should be produced and transported in batches. Therefore, the purchase plan of aluminum should avoid the order of materials with small models and small quantities.

       During the processing of aluminum materials, due to the actual construction conditions, the specific blanking dimensions and plans are inconsistent, but all should follow the principle of maximum material utilization. Aluminium material nesting can be replaced by some software such as ALCAD wire optimization system.

       In the long-term construction, many curtain wall companies will encounter heavy losses caused by the wrong material (small as tens of thousands, as many as hundreds of thousands). Cutting (planning) is a more complicated and detailed work. At present, in order to minimize losses in this area, some large companies have set up special engineering and technical personnel to check this. In addition to reviewing the size of the project department's blanking, the use of materials is the most reasonable and efficient Optimization, this is also a measure in cost control. .

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